Quality Policy

Concord Industry's products are engineered to highest quality with its research, development and testing programmer, which ensure that its products retain the state-of-art sophistication and a leading role in the modern building technology. The techniques for high performance Glazing using quality aluminum superior quality glass single and sealed unit as per CAN/CGSB.


Because of the above qualities renounced Architects and Builder are appreciating the design, flexibility and reliability of Concord Aluminum Products. Concord Industry's design and manufacturing capabilities are backed by a team of highly qualifies and experienced Engineers and Technicians and skilled Fitters, which give guarantee to a job that is well done, on schedule, from start-to-finish. The highly trained and skilled team, who are familiar with the products and the technique of its installation, are instrumental for the speedy and timely completion of the projects.Concord Industries take interest not only in completion of a project but also in the performance of its systems/products installed, hence its follow-up facilities include a comprehensive maintenance, repair and refurbishment of its products to ensure its products are in excellent shape.

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